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Millions Sold worldwide, results speaks for itself ~ FDA & NHS UK Approved ~ No Surgery & Save Thousands Of Dollars
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The most common cause of snoring is air being passed through a partitally constricted airway causing vibration of the palate during breathing. A SleepPro mouthpiece works by moving the jaw forward, which opens up the airway and stretches the palate so it does not vibrate (or vibrates less).

SleepPro standard and SleepPro custom are made from the same base material and can be cleaned in the same way.

After removing your SleepPro wash thoroughly in clean water using a toothbrush to help remove any deposits within the teeth imprints. Do NOT use toothpaste to clean your SleepPro as this will score the surface and make it more susceptible to staining. A brief soak in mouthwash or denture cleaner will help keep it fresh but over time some of the chemicals in those products may degrade the plastic and reduce it’s life expectancy.

We do have our own brand of effervescent cleaning tablets which have been formulated to gently clean your SleepPro and leave it minty fresh. These are well tested and do not accelerate the degrading of the plastic like some of the over the counter products.

SleepPro devices work for most users, although it may need a bit tweaking to get it right (see the troubleshooting section for more information). Once way to find out it is to try. Some people have no problems at all, while others may do. This is one of the reasons we suggest trying a cheap option, such as a SleepPro standard first.

You (or more likely, your partner) will know within minutes of you falling asleep whether or not it works for you. If it stops you snoring for even a short while, then you know that moving your jaw forward works for you. The task then is to find the right mouthpiece for you.

Some people use a boil-and-bite mouthpiece for months, before converting to a custom made one. Some people literally try one for a few hours and then go for a custom-made one. Some people only ever use a SleepPro standard.

If it does not work straight away, then do not persevere in the hope that it will work better in time. If it does not work straight away, then it needs “tweaking” (see our troubleshooting section for more information). Please feel free to contact us to discuss what to do next if you find yourself in this situation. People are understandably disappointed if they find their SleepPro does not work, but are then pleasantly surprised to find that with a bit of “tweaking” they stop snoring.

Most people with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) snore, but only a small minority of snorers have OSA. If your partner has noticed pauses in your breathing whilst you sleep, or if you have significant daytime tiredness, then you should mention this to your doctor and ask about a sleep study.

Both CPAP and mandibular advancement splints are valid treatment for certain cases of OSA, but this must be supervised by a physician knowledgeable in the area.

Yes. We have engineered large breathing holes into our SleepPro mouthpieces to allow you to breathe easily.

It is normal for your nose to become more blocked for a while when you first lie down. This is due to a change in blood pressure in the vessels around the nose. However, the body soon compensates and normally within fifteen minutes everything reverts to normal and you should be able to breathe the same lying down as you can sat up.

Some people find a SleepPro standard too bulky, while many others do not. If you would like a thinner, more slim line mouthpiece our SleepPro custom may be a good option for you.

We have numerous customers with dentures, some have had a successful outcome and some have not.

Most of the ‘load’ is carried by the front teeth with a SleepPro standard, so if these teeth are intact, then you may be OK. If not, then you might be best to try a SleepPro custom impression for one night to see if a custom made mouthpiece will work for you.

Visit our ‘SleepPro and Dentures’ section for more information.

If your SleepPro doesn’t work the first time, then don’t give up hope as there are several things that can be done. Also, if you wore a SleepPro and it worked, even if only for a few minutes, this is a good sign. The device has confirmed that moving your jaw forward a short way stops you snoring. If it only works for part of the time, or is uncomfortable, then you may benefit by upgrading to  a  SleepPro Custom.

Below are some common problems, and the solutions that may help you to stop snoring with a SleepPro:

You can remould your SleepPro 1 as many times as you like, but after the fourth or fifth time it will become less malleable.

We find that some people can keep one in place all night with no problems, while others (not many but a few) find they can only wear it for part of the night. If this is the case for you, then try reheating and remoulding your SleepPro for a better fit.

Try upgrading to a SleepPro custom. These are made using a dental impression kit that provides a near perfect fit to your teeth and substantially reduces the likelihood of it dropping out of your mouth while you are asleep. They are also more comfortable.

Some people find they cannot sleep with a mouthpiece in their mouth. If this is the case for you, it is worth noting that people get used to wearing a mouthpiece with time.

This is a common experience. While it can take some people a little while to get used to, you will find that your jaw will move back into place quite naturally and comfortably, shortly after you remove the mouthpiece. The longer you use a mouthpiece the more accustomed to this sensation you will become and the less you will notice it.

If this is happening, then you should stop using the device and consider seeing your dentist who will advise you on the most appropriate course of action. It may be that your wisdom teeth are stopping you pushing your jaw forward and this is, indirectly, making your snoring worse. You may wish to weigh-up the pros and cons of having your wisdom teeth removed.

If you place a SleepPro standard in water that is too hot, it becomes very rough and unwearable. It will need to be replaced. It is worth noting that it loses some of its smoothness when put in hot water – even at the right temperature. The SleepPro custom, on the other hand, is very smooth.


A SleepPro impression kit is used to fit a SleepPro custom. The kit comprises of an impression tray (to hold the mould) and two containers of dental putty that go hard when mixed together. It is used to take a near perfect impression of your teeth which is made into a SleepPro custom in our lab.

We have designed our products so they can be fitted without a dentist. However, if you are happy to spend the money, there is no reason why you should not involve a dentist. Your dentist could take your impression for you, or could simply give their opinion about whether or not your teeth are suitable for mandibular advancement. Your dentist could tell you if there are any obvious reasons why you should not wear a mandibular advancement splint. It is worth noting that many of our customers successfully fit a standard SleepPro, and take a SleepPro custom impression without any input from their dentist. However, if you have a non-standard bite or irregular teeth, then it may be best to get your dentist involved.

There are three levels of advancement splints available:
1. Inexpensive, boil-and-bite splints like a standard SleepPro
2. Custom-made splints that are not adjustable, like a SleepPro custom.
3. Adjustable custom-made splints

Price: A standard SleepPro is considerably cheaper than the custom SleepPro.

Fit: The standard SleepPro is a “boil-and-bite” mouthpiece, which means you put a thermo-plastic mould in hot water and then bite into it so that it takes the shape of your teeth; this is not customised specifically to your teeth. The custom SleepPro is hand-made in a laboratory using a dental impression kit. The device is made using a near perfect impression of your teeth so fits more snugly.

Size: The custom SleepPro has thinner walls and is less bulky so you aren’t as aware of it when you wear it.

Grip: The SleepPro standard grips mainly the front teeth, whereas a custom SleepPro grips all the teeth. This helps it to sit more securely and comfortably on your teeth while you are asleep.

As a general rule it is always best to follow the advice of your doctor or dentist as they know what is best for you.